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Also known as wat, WUT, what! (but not what?), what. is a standard exclamation of overwhelming confusion and befuddlement. It's best when delivered in a perfectly flat, expressionless voice, but variants such as the Agitated Demand and Vulgar Query have gathered a measure of popularity in recent days.

Say it loud, say it proud, put Lil' Jon to shame - WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Situations that deserve a what.

A perfectly executed 'wat'
A perfectly executed 'wat'
  • Logging in to three thousand, two hundred and eighty units of decay spam.
  • Discovering that your best friend Tito is marrying his own daughter.
  • Upon having Varian ask after your choice of operating system.
  • After being peekayed by Prism.
  • When hearing a certain prominent Luminary comment on his favourite kind of music.
The undead are confused
The undead are confused
[17:09] <+Kiralla1> 2009/11/03 21:24:13 - Gepideth branded Erzsebet an enemy for: tunafish.
[17:09] <+Kiralla1> ...wtf
[17:09] > ...wut
[17:09] <+sav> ...wat

Perfectly Executed what.'s

(Spinesreach): Barborossa says, "I was moving it from the conclaves 
to the city acount because I noviced that people in the conclave
had withdrawl powers but I had to daydream for a while."
(Spinesreach): Malhavoc says, "...what."
(The Crafting Guild of Sapience): Eled says, "Yeah I am an it When 
your the animal."
(The Society): Osifer says, "..what."
(Spinesreach): Kurogane says, "What he meant to say was that 
it's time again for a city hunt! Come help us kill everything from 
spellshapers to stirges! If you join in, I might become so happy, 
I'll jump on you from behind!"
(Spinesreach): You say, "...what."
(Spinesreach): Yurinov says, "I'm in."
Rakelos tells you, "A perfectly executed what, M'Lady."
(Liaisons): Ivoln says, "Ok Ishin, unless you have transecretion, 
Sumac will give a warning 5 or so seconds before it   relapses and 
the relapse damage has been reduced by around 2/3s."
(Liaisons): Ishin says, "Cool, thanks."
(Liaisons): Trally says, "But..."
(Liaisons): Trally says, "It's an insta kill unless you do the metacure quest in 20 seconds."
(Liaisons): Ishin says, "...what?"
(Liaisons): Ivoln says, "Wut."
(Liaisons): Atrapoema says, "...What."
(Liaisons): Trally says, "Wut?"
(Liaisons): Ridith says, "Wut?"
On the forums:
Janus Anfini: what

Poorly Executed what.'s

These what.'s lack in some way or another. Perhaps they're just not funny, or they're from the light-side and, therefor, the exchange is terribly routine. Oh no! A lighty said something stupid, what an unexpected turn of events! /sarcasm

(Order): You say, "..well, our horses need some special time alone, see, they're falling in love and all."
You say to a fiery Jaziran mare, "He's a nice guy, Rosemarie! You just need to give him a chance."
Tessra nods her head in agreement.
You pat a fiery Jaziran mare in a friendly manner.
Sister Tessra Slentira, Aiannha of Winter says to a fiery Jaziran mare, "Stay here, now, and be a good girl."
You say to a donkey, "And -you- be a gentleman."
You say, "Pull out."
You nod your head sagely.
Sister Tessra Slentira, Aiannha of Winter says, "What."
Tessra stares at you and blinks.
Slowly, you say, "..what?"
Just as slowly, Sister Tessra Slentira, Aiannha of Winter says, "...what?"
You say, "...I just think they should be careful.."
Tessra creases her brow in a frown.
Sternly, Sister Tessra Slentira, Aiannha of Winter says to a fiery Jaziran mare, "Have fun, but not -too- much fun."
Tessra narrows her eyes at a donkey.
(Market): Illidan says, "Seeking to buy a circlet."
(Market): Exzuryx says, "..what."
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